The company's chronicle:

1971 ­ Founded under the name of von Nida + Reiners by Friedrich von Nida and Friedhelm Reiners as partners.

1977 ­ Partnership ends and Friedrich von Nida runs the business in his name as sole proprietor

1990 ­ Change to a limited liability company 'GmbH' with Friedrich von Nida as sole owner and managing director.

1993 ­ Birgit von Nida joins the company to support Friedrich von Nida in running the business

1995 ­ After Friedrich von Nida passes away, his daughters Birgit von Nida und Elke von Nida share ownership of the company and lead the business

2000 ­ Andreas Karnbach, engineer and already second managing director also becomes a partner in the company

2003 ­ Peter Lotz, longtime employee, refrigeration master and works manager becomes the fourth partner in the company

This has proven to be a powerful constellation combining various talents required to run a successful business. And with the help of our highly qualified and motivated employees we will keep growing.


Friedrich von Nida • 26215 Metjendorf • Germany